GALAXY believes that claims should be resolved quickly and easily,
so our customers can
get on with their lives.

It is this customer-centric business philosophy that is embodied in Galaxy's theme,
"Planning with Foresight...
Protecting with Diligence."

Marquis Membership (Personal Lines)

Premier Business Client Membership (Commercial Lines)

Signature Senior Concierge-Friendly Services Membership

GALAXY's Signature Services

As a result, we are able to
create and offer
better products and services
that have a distinct island style.

Galaxy only serves Hawaii,
and becuase of that we have a
deeper understanding of our
customers' needs and lifestyles.

It is Galaxy's vision to achieve market leadership with
pride in knowing our roots run deep in our island home
and we pride ourselves in providing the best
"Hawaiian Style" value and experience

for every customer we are privileged to serve.

GALAXY is committed to providing innovative 
insurance products and value-added services
EXCLUSIVELY in the state of Hawaii.


President John F. Kennedy

once said,

"The time to repair the roof

is when the sun is shining."

At GALAXY, we agree.